Friday, February 5, 2010

2010 Olympics in Whistler - Whistler welcomes the torch!

Day 5 for me at Whistler and everything is "ramping up". Journalists and photographers from all over the world are beginning to arrive. The finish area and the race course are all in the final stages of preparation. Long, long hours of work by people who have been here alot longer than I have are starting to pay off. At this point the groundwork is set and the ball is rolling. Here's a shot of what our daily 5 o'clock venue management meeting looks like. It's not all business, these are fun people if you look closely there is a birthday cake made out of choclate cookies on the table (and a case of beer, after all it is a ski race!)

The torch arrived in town today and I could tell that it was really motivating for everyone. Of course it was in Banff 10 days ago but it was great to see it again.
We had a great view of the torch festival from Rick's hotel room balcony. It was really amazing to see Steve Podborski, one of my all-time heros and one of the reasons that I do what I do and am in Whistler right now, ski the torch to the cauldron and light the flame

After the festival the managers from the different venues were invited to a private reception for pictures with the torch. We're bringing home some great souvenirs!
Stay tuned for my next post. The venue will be almost TV ready in the next day or two and we'll also be spending more time on the race course.

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