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Elope in Banff, Banff Elopement Wedding Photographers

10 Reasons Couples Choose to Elope

1.  It is Stress Free, Fun and Romantic.  
Let us take care of you and make the planning process fun, 
so you get to enjoy more time with your partner.

It is time consuming doing research and picking out all the different vendors, 
most web sites look the same, everyone claims to be local, who do you choose?

We have already done all that research and hard work for you &
have a great team of local wedding experts ready to help you.

2.  It is YOUR wedding, and the only 2 people that should make this choice is YOU.

Peer pressure from your family & friends can be overwhelming,
but this is your special day.  You should not feel obligated.  

When you elope, we encourage you to break all the rules & customs and do it your way.

3.  It is affordable and you can honeymoon in the Canadian Rockies at the same time.

This is a great opportunity to do both.  Some couples are saving up for their first home or 
paying off education costs and don't want to break the bank.

4. Some couples are shy and don't want to be the center of attention.

When you elope it's just you, your commissioner, me and your photographer.  
I am here to help you all the way with a private, intimate ceremony.

5. When you Elope you can be adventurous and choose a style that suits you.

If you love to ski, lets celebrate with a ski hill ceremony, if you want to fly to the top 
of the mountain in a helicopter, we can take care of that too.

Perhaps you just want that perfect scenic spot away from everyone,
we will show you where that is.

6.  Some couples prefer not to involve their families.

We understand, modern families can involve divorce, step parents & siblings and there can 
be uncomfortable feelings, you don't need this on your wedding day.

Some couples do not have families.

That is OK, I am here to support you and be your guide.

7. Some couples don't want to put their family in a difficult situation.

 It can be costly to travel to Banff and by not inviting them you have saved 
them the expense and inconvenience of traveling.  You can celebrate with them later.

8. Some couples are from cultures where their marriage is not accepted.

In Banff we do not judge, we are here to support you.
  Everyone has the right to be happy and choose their soulmate and life partner.

9. You just want to be married

You don't need the stress, expense or drama of a big wedding.
We can plan your elopement with a few days notice, and we love a challenge.

10. It is your second marriage, and having your parents and/or children present 
is the most important thing to you.

You have already done the big wedding, and now you just want to celebrate 
with your immediate family, in an intimate setting.

This is what eloping is all about, doing it your way.

When you choose Elope in Banff you can feel confident you are in good hands.
We take care of the paperwork and guarantee your are legally married throughout the world.  
We care about your entire experience, and we want you to create magical memories.

However you decide to Elope in Banff, we are here to help you.

Photographs by Malcolm Carmichael & Roger Witney
Alpine Peak Photography, Banff Alberta Canada.


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