Monday, February 22, 2010

Speed Events finished, a day off and then on with the Technical Events in Whistler

Lots of news to report from the Olympics in Whistler. Yesterday (Sunday) we hosted the Men's Super Combined and on Staurday we saw the Ladies Super-G. That means the speed events, which are the thrilling, action filled top to botom races are finished. We have a day off to do a bit of skiing tomorrow (Tuesday) we start into the Technical Events with the Men's Giant Slalom.

Saturday morning the view from the Women's start hut was amazing as usual.

It's hard to describe how steep and treacherous it is on these courses. People are working, equipment and cables are everywhere and the snow under your skis has been shaved down to hard white ice. It's important to be confident on your feet because there is nothing more embarrassing than to loose control of your skis in front of this crowd but someone does it almost everyday!

Lindsey Vonn again had a medal run. Here she celebrates just after crossing the finish line. As for our Canadians the frustration continues. Britt Janyk shows her disappointment at the finish despite having a great run and finishing in the top ten!! Medals are everything here, whether that's right or wrong that's the way it is.

Austria certainly had something to celebrate Saturday as Andrea Fishbacher claimed the Gold in the ladies Super-G with Tina Maze from Slovakia taking home the silver and Lindsey a bronze.

I had a very quick chat with Lindsey in the finish area while she signed a few photos for our daughters. For the last couple of years she has taken a second to pose with them in the World Cup Media Lounge at Lake Louise and I've had a few copies in my jacket for her to sign. She said that she remembers them because they are all so cute! (they are)

Sunday was the Men's Super-Combined event. Here I am up on the roof of the broadcast center on the top of the grandstands. What a place to watch the race! With me is one of our photo service volunteers, Jon Margolis from Squaw Valley Resort in California. He's a budding photographer and full time ski patroller and like all of our volunteers having a blast at the Olympics. (We have the best volunteers of the games). Jon is not standing on somthing he's actually that tall.

The Super-Combined consists of a Downhill run in the morning followed by a Slalom run in the afternoon. The times are combined to determine the winner. The slalom is on the bottom of the course and almost the entire race is visible from the grandstands. The noise the crowd makes is amazing.

Here's a shot from the finish area of a racer speeding past the giant Olympic Rings that look down the hill from a tree island where the Men's and Ladie's courses meet.

Unbelievably strong skiing and an unfortunate fall for the event favorite Norways' Aksel Lund Svindal gave Bode Miller his third medal of games. First Bronze, then Silver and now the Gold. What a show!!

We're starting to call it the "Bodium"
So far there has been at least one American racer on every Alpine Olympic podium of these 2010 games. Congratulations to them. I just wish we had a bit of that luck for our squad.
I don't know how I manage to be so lucky but I honestly think that I have the best job at the Olympics. I'm in front of the people in the front row seats (I try not to block thier view) and I work with really fun, dedicated people and the worlds best ski racers. I'm going to enjoy my memories of these Olympics every bit as much as I do that last games I worked at in 1988.
Here again is Bode Miller who brought all of his coaches and staff from his team out into the finish area for a photo. This is what happy looks like!!

Lots more action to come, stay tuned but for now I'm going skiing!!!

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